Erik Tomren - 

“…Next time Bastard of Reality come to town do yourself a favor and check out their show. You will likely hear forgotten Sabbath gems that the real band simply wouldn't play now, or maybe just Sabbath classics with an invigorated sense of purpose… it's refreshing to see a young and impassioned band play the same music, to help give new meaning and perspective to songs that are now 40 years old…”

Deano - Deano In America 

"...they had the look of Ozzy and Co, but the most important thing was they had the sound! The music and singing were spot on, and the sound guy had things set perfectly. They played a great set including Black Sabbath, War Pigs, Sweet Leaf and Fairies Wear Boots. I was impressed!..."

Kevin Heiderich - NorthWest Music Scene 

"I caught Bastard Of Reality at the Central Saloon. I thought they were really good, and I'm pretty harsh on tribute bands. They played a tight set of classics from a band that will likely never mount a large scale tour again. Sounds great."